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Serving Michigan for over a Quarter Century


Meet Our Highly Trained Drivers …

Reddi-Ride has been serving the needs of people in Southeastern Michigan since 1985. We transport people with the utmost care and safety. In fact, Reddi-Ride has not had a chargeable accident during all of our years of service. With millions of miles traveled that is quite a safety record. We did not earn that record by chance. Safety is our number one concern when we are on the road. In winter we allow more time between runs so drivers are not pressed. We do not take chances.

We also have an excellent record of being on time for our pick-ups and drop-offs. We walk the client from their front door to the car, and from the car to their appointment, if they want the help - Our "Door to Door" service.

We have the newest and cleanest vehicles on the road. (our used vehicles are usually purchased from us by our competitors). It is easy to recognize our white cars and vans as you travel throughout Michigan. The distinctive blue striping, lettering, and logo have been with us from the beginning.

We respond to the comfort and needs of our passengers like no other company. Just recently we had a few clients ask if we would send them a vehicle without any markings on it. So now, if your son or daughter needs to be picked up at their high school, or if you do not want your neighbors to know who is driving you to your doctor's appointment we can show up with an unmarked “stealth” vehicle. If it is important to you, it is important to us.

There are several reasons for our outstanding safety record. The main reason may be that our drivers are happy with the service they provide. A happy driver is a focused and safe driver. Our drivers have health care through Health Alliance Plan, they have uniforms, badges, a savings plan, and instant hands free (Bluetooth) calling to our home base. Our new Ford Fusions have the phone synced through Fords hands free Sync system. The fact that our average driver has been with us for over ten years gives credibility to our happy driver/safe driver concept.

  • Richard Alston

    Richard Alston

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2006
    • Avid Bowler
    • Basketball & Football

  • Wayne Crosato

    Wayne Crosato

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2004
    • A good Golfer
    • Interests: Reading & Music

  • Brenda Curry

    Brenda Curry

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2012
    • Great Cook
    • Enjoys Travel

  • Gerald Dickson

    Gerald Dickson

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2004
    • Involved with his Church
    • Loves being with Family

  • No Photo

    Craig Erquhart

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2006
    • Enjoys Music
    • Piano & Jazz

  • Dorie Irvin

    Dorie Irvin

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2003
    • Gardening
    • Enjoys Reading

  • David Johnson

    David Johnson

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2012
    • Physical Fitness Instructor
    • Sports Fanatic

  • Carl Junior

    Carl Junior

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2005
    • Outdoorsman
    • Enjoys being with his Family

  • Torrie Lake

    Torrie Lake

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2013
    • Helping people with Special needs
    • Involved with her Church

  • Gary Lange

    Gary Lange

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2008

  • Janine Lange

    Janine Lange

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2008

  • Aleshia Morgan

    Aleshia Morgan

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2007
    • Singing

  • Kountry Milliner

    Kountry Milliner

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2011
    • Video Gaming
    • Sports Enthusiast

  • Jane Riley

    Jane Riley

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2006
    • Enjoys Literature
    • Jazz & Theater

  • Theresa Smith

    Theresa Smith

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2012
    • Home Improvement
    • Gardening

  • Cortez Weatherford

    Cortez Weatherford

    • Joined Reddi-Ride in 2006